According to the latest popularity leaderboard from DB-Engines, the top three database management systems (DBMS) are currently: Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Although the DB-Engines Ranking does not measure the number of installations of the systems, or their use within IT systems, they claim that an increase in popularity can precede a corresponding increase in usage of the system and therefore the DB-Engines Ranking can act as an early indicator.

DB Engines Ranking

The DB-Engines Ranking scores DBMS based on a variety of different metrics:

1. Number of mentions of the system on websites – measured by the number of results in search engines queries through Google and Bing.

2. Frequency of technical discussions about the system – using the number of related questions and the number of interested users on the well-known IT-related Q&A sites such as Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange.

3. Number of job offers, in which the system is mentioned – calculating the number of offers on the leading job search engines Indeed and Simply Hired.

4. Number of profiles in professional networks, in which the system is mentionedLinkedIn is used for this metric.

5. Relevance in social networks – For this measurement the number of Twitter tweets in which the system is mentioned is calculated. Visit the DB-Engines site to view the complete leaderboard and find out more about their methodology.


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