A report has revealed that Quality Assurance leads skill demand in multiple sectors in some of the World’s largest economies. The report by Wanted Analytics also found Java and Linux were required in the greatest number of job ads, with Java appearing among the most in-demand skills in 3 out of 5 top countries.

Here are some of the key highlights broken down by region;

US – Although SQL demand has gone down 29.6%, it still ranks in the Top 5 most in demand skills, Java is on the increase at +6%. Computer and Mathematical occupations ranked 3 out of 5 most in-demand with EMC, Accenture, Oracle and IBM being the top hirers.

China – Demand for technical and programming skills dominate in China, the top 5 tech skills being Adobe Photoshop (+7.1%), Java (+11.2%), Javascript (+12.7%, MySQL (+14.6%) and Linux (+12.7%).

Japan – Of the top skills over half were tech related with Computer Aided Design (+9.7%), System Development (+4.3%) and Java (+8.3%) all on the increase.

Germany – Java (+43.9%), Linux (+46.2%) and SQL (+41.3%) specialists are very much in-demand with Dell, Ferchau Engineering and Bosch as the top hirers.

UK – Software and programming skills rank highly here with JavaScript (+13.2%) and CRM (+31%) roles on the increase. The leading hirers are BUPA, HC-One, Pure Gym and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Wanted Analytics is a global intelligence company which gathers information on employment trends. The Global Hiring Demand Report Quarterly Review was compiled from 1 billion unique job postings across 22 countries between July and September 2015.

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