Salesforce 人才配备服务

我们将认证 Salesforce 人才与全球最佳 Salesforce 工作相匹配

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我们通过招聘以下专业人士,为 Salesforce 合作伙伴和其他企业提供支持:

需要认证 Salesforce 顾问?

我们专注于提供最优秀的 Salesforce 技术架构师、Salesforce 认证平台开发人员 I 和 Salesforce 认证平台开发人员 II、DEV401 和 DEV501、认证 开发人员、ADM201 和 ADM211 认证 Salesforce 管理员。

Meeting Your Salesforce Staffing Needs

Our quality-driven procedures mean that our candidates can deliver success to your business faster and more cost effectively than anyone else. We gather direct feedback from project managers both during and at the end of projects and the performance of all K2 consultants is monitored using our proprietary quality control system based on relationship, expertise and quality (REQ).

As the leading Salesforce recruitment agency, K2 provides the resources you need to deliver projects of all sizes across the entire Salesforce portfolio – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud.

Contact us now to discuss your Salesforce staffing requirements.

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