I still remember the day when I signed my application for K2’s Foreign Exchange Program, to move from our London office to our office in Boston about a year ago. After several discussions with family, friends, colleagues and a visit to the city I applied too. I got a yes from our Executive Board to move to a new continent.

My journey at K2 started almost 3 years ago when I got a job as a Delivery Associate. I was working together with our Sales Associates and Account Managers to find a niche IT professional pool for their client’s roles. After some months I started working as a Sales Associate myself, focusing on the Swedish market. I experienced both success and failure as in any new job. A role in our K2 University team opened up a year and a half ago and I applied to start working more in education.

As K2 University was a fairly new initiative at the time for K2 Partnering Solutions the plan was, for me to move to Boston to extend the knowledge and strategies in the land of dreams, the United States.

I can’t say that my road to the US was short and sweet. A visa to go to the US is not an easy process, and I ended up working remotely from my parent’s home in Sweden for several months. With the support of my team, family and friends I made it through (I admire those that enjoy working remotely, I can’t say I did!). Some trips around our K2 offices, Boston included, definitely helped too. And now a year later I am here, relocated to Boston!

What I enjoy in the US and Boston is the team working in the office. They’ve always been very helpful in my transition and we have had a lot of fun already. People are generally very chatty and friendly, something that is different from both London and Sweden. It is definitely a bit of a culture shock sometimes let’s just say the US won’t go down in history for being eco-friendly…

Boston has everything you can ask for, you’re close to the sea, interesting restaurants and nature just around the corner. I can’t wait to finally be able to live by myself in a small studio apartment, which I couldn’t do in London, as it was very expensive. I am also looking forward to continuing with my career, learn from new experiences and meet new friends. As I’ve only been here for about 2 weeks I have no idea where this will get me, but I am ready for the adventure. America, stay tuned!

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