SAP have introduced SAP Leonardo, it’s latest product offering aimed at enabling customers more detailed vision of their end-to-end business processes in a world of connected and intelligent devices.  

Named after the 15th century visionary, Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonardo is SAP’s response to the emergence of smart devices and always-on ‘things’, and the fact that we now have access to unparalleled amounts of information.

SAP Leonardo aims to provide the foundation for smart devices to connect to ERP systems so that businesses can better manage their products, assets, infrastructure, fleet, markets and people. As a result, customers will operate on a whole new level, gaining insights and operational intelligence so that they can be more proactive and real time in their response.




SAP will also provide a special Jump-Start program called ‘Leonardo Bridge’ to help organisations get started on their IoT programs quickly and reliably. Leonardo, will form a critical part of SAP’s plan to invest 2 billion on IoT over the next five years.

In a world starting to focus more on IoT and ‘smart’ devices there is increasing demand for enterprise software providers to help businesses bring the connectivity full circle. If Leonardo is widely adopted this will be monumental in helping to create true business value and ultimately create a truly digitally transformed business.


What do you think about SAP Leonardo? Do you think SAP is doing enough to build it’s presence in the fast developing world of IoT? Let us know in the comments below

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