client-meeting“Certification is not important because I already have 20 years of experience in my field”…  

Sure, this used to be true for a consultant working in the on-premise space. But as the technology landscape and market changes, the importance of certification has also changed. Client’s and SI’s are now more cautious of hiring consultants or developers due to previous poor hiring. Lack of technical knowledge or hiring consultants that don’t have the right skills is not only costly for companies and the project budget but can also damage organization’s reputation in the market.

How can hiring managers prevent these issues from happening? Validating candidates skills and cross checking their experience with their CV, taking references from their previous managers and, critically,  checking their certifications. Holding a certification is not the primary source for employers to validate the consultant’s skill but it is one of the many tools they have – and it’s becoming more important.

Here are the 3 reason why I see it is important for you to hold a valid certification.

1) Because the big software companies are making it mandatory

Many of the Cloud Software companies like SAP and Salesforce are committed to ensuring that Cloud certified consultants are up-to-date with their skills and knowledge. They will offer an additional exam or short test for the certification holder to “maintain” their certification for the solution releases, which often include significant changes to the product. Because these tests are required, it is important that you follow the instructions from the software provider.

2) To keep up with new releases

Compared to on-premise releases, cloud release cycles are much more frequent, often about four months apart, and each release exam is available for two release cycles (about eight months). To keep up with these changes can be difficult when you have a tight project schedule. By having the exam deadline, you are forced to review the new content, but this can be good reminder for you to keep up with the updates!

3) Credibility

Having a valid certification will promote your credibility, especially when it comes to new technology It is no longer good enough to be knowledgeable, you need to be certified as well. How else can the hiring manager measure your knowledge in an area where you may not have hands-on experience or any proof that you have taken the training courses and have the required knowledge.

I hope you can see a clear return on your investment in terms of career development when you get certified in cloud products.
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momo-yamadaMomo Yamada is a K2 Konnect Project Manager at K2 Partnering Solutions.








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