SAP’s Jan Meyer talks about his recent visit to K2’s London HQ.

Last week, K2 Partnering hosted Jens Kahsnitz, Senior Education Customer Service Manager and myself in their offices in London. K2 is a private version customer of the SAP Learning Hub and they are also in the process of signing a reseller agreement with SAP spanning seven countries.

K2 Partnering is a recruiting company which at the core has been in the SAP space since its start in 1997. Since then K2 has placed 30,000 SAP professionals with our customers and partners. Today they operate one of the largest networks of freelance SAP professionals worldwide.

What really impressed me during the visit talking to the K2 leadership and to the sales and support teams was the importance and focus they give to learning and keeping the SAP product skills of their freelance associates up to date; this goes far beyond the average staffing firm and compares more to the behavior of our typical System Integrator Partners.

Throughout the day we discussed and agreed on the increasing importance of having anytime access to learning. The speed of innovation cycles demands that professionals update their skills and knowledge quarter after quarter after quarter. We discussed concrete examples, for example, had you learned the 1511 SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing course in January 2016 and then went on a 1602 release project in March you most likely would have had a very embarrassing moment in front of the customer and more importantly caused critical project issues. With the move to cloud and innovation cycles getting faster and faster these examples will only increase.

This is why continuous learning is becoming a must if you want to stay competitive and successful as an SAP professional.

Jan Meyer
We shared with K2 the digital learning transformation journey that we have been on since 2012. We explained and reviewed latest innovations and provided an outlook on where we want to take openSAP, SAP Learning Hub, SAP Live Access and Certification in the Cloud.

The feedback from K2 was very positive, Wahridj Gergian, who heads up K2 Partnering in EMEA, provided us with the following feedback:

“It was an invaluable experience for K2 to have both Jan Meyer and Jens Kahsnitz from SAP visit our London HQ and speak to 85 freelance consultants at our evening reception. It was a great way to educate both K2’s internal employees and our wider consultant community about the importance of maintaining relevant skills and the role that SAP Learning Hub plays in this.

“We also received insights into the vision SAP has for the future of Learning Hub as not only an education tool but as the primary vehicle for communicating information about new releases. K2 is extremely grateful to both Jan Meyer and Jens Kahsnitz for taking the time to visit us and for supporting K2’s strategy of upskilling freelancer SAP skills anytime anywhere with SAP Learning Hub.”

I would like to thank the K2 Partnering team for their hospitality and look forward to developing out mutually beneficial partnership.

Jan Meyer is, GVP, Head of Learning Strategy, Business Development and Delivery Channels, Knowledge Transfer & Education, SAP

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