As SAP’s product portfolio gets ever bigger and cloud-based solutions become increasingly popular it’s more challenging than ever to navigate the SAP skills map and to make sure you have the right skills to stay relevant.

From SAP HCM to SuccessFactors and from FI to Simple Finance we’re seeing more and more clients moving to SAP cloud solutions. We’ve put together this infographic showing how you can navigate the rapidly changing SAP skills map and retool for the cloud with K2 SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Skills Map

K2 recognises the importance of keeping your skills up to date in the fast moving enterprise technology space. We offer discounted Learning Hub licences for K2 consultants to purchase providing you with full access to all of the learning resources you need for 12 months. Add additional SAP products to your skill-set and boost your earning potential!

Interested in finding out more about K2 SAP Learning Hub? Email your questions to or ask your K2 contact now.

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