As a specialist helping SAP freelancers on improving their skills through training on the K2 SAP Learning Hub, I often hear concerns about spending money on training. I personally look at training as a true investment… You and your skills are one of few things that will appreciate in value in this world. But, for those sceptics out there, did you know that there is no cost SAP training you can take advantage of?

You can get access to SAP Learning Hub through Open SAP and Discover Edition.

Set up an account, then login into the Learning Hub page. When you list all the courses available, you will see those that are offered at no cost.

In order to access SAP Learning Hub, you need a Learning Hub account. To do this and get a Discovery Account, click here: HUB001

Also, you can find more information about SAP Learning Hub and all the non-cost accounts on our K2 University page.

Why K2 SAP Learning Hub?

As a SAP career consultant, you want your clients to see you as a valuable addition to their projects. Many large system integrators now have SAP Learning Hub as a tool for their permanent staff, so you should have it too!

I’m here to help you take a deep breath and find our extra services with no extra cost for your future investment. Technical support, as well as any generic questions. Career, advice in SAP and Cloud market. We’ll find you a job you love.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information

Happy Learning!


Marissa Rico is a K2 Konnect Project Manager at K2





Get in touch if you have any questions about SAP training and to find out more about the discounts we have available exclusively to the K2 consultant community. SAP Consultant looking for your next role? Drop us a line.

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