freelance-it-consultantHave you missed the Delta exam deadline? Don’t worry if your SuccessFactors certification has expired, you can retake certification through the Certification Hub – you may even have exam attempts left!

Once you are “re-certified”, you will need to use SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition to continue to stay current and maintain your SuccessFactors certification. The next exam completion deadline is 28 February 2019 for the Q1 2019.

I hear a lot of opinions about the Delta training and the changes that were recently introduced. Some are not happy with these changes, as they will need to invest money in training.

However, you can’t forget the importance of keeping up to date and looking into updates on a regular basis. By the nature of SAP consulting jobs, you are probably tied up with the project schedule and go live dates. Having a structure and policy around the Delta training will ultimately make it easier to maintain your certification and help deliver the level of product expertise that SAP is now looking for in its certified SuccessFactors consultants. Plus as a result of this, you will not miss any new product information, which will mean better project delivery and providing the right, up to date information to your customers.

Making sure you have the skills and the right knowledge to provide information to the customer as a certified SuccessFactors consultant will grow your career in the future. Having good reviews and feedback from your clients will increase your marketability and boost your future career.


If you’re a Certified SAP SuccessFactors Consultant, SAP now requires you to use SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition to maintain your product knowledge and renew your SuccessFactors certification. Don’t risk losing your certification, speak to us today to discuss your options.

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