k2-sap-learning-hubAs the global leader in consultative technology staffing, K2 knows there is more to providing the right talent than simply recruiting. This is particularly true in the complex and fast evolving world of technology, where companies frequently rely on the flexibility that highly skilled freelancers bring when they want to deliver projects more efficiently.

Just as this contingent workforce provides flexibility to businesses, the pace of change means that freelancers themselves must be ready to adapt their skillsets and embrace emerging technologies to stay relevant in the market. In the SAP space, we see the continuing trend of implementations moving from on-premise to the cloud, and this, coupled with the string of acquisitions by SAP in recent years means there are shortages of key skills in the SAP ecosystem.

To address these shifts in the market, K2 is offering our freelance consultants access to SAP Learning Hub, the comprehensive online platform for learning all SAP products. This creates a number of benefits to both the consultants and the wider SAP ecosystem.

We are helping our freelancers retrain in high-demand skills at a time and place that suits them, even on the job where they can “learn while they earn”.

K2 SAP Learning Hub is very cost effective, with subscribers getting 12 months of learning opportunities for 72% less than the cost of a typical five-day SAP classroom course. They can also get up and running fast, three days on average from the time of purchase, compared to the usual four to eight week lead time for a classroom course.

Crucially, with access to SAP Learning Hub, consultants are seen as “value add” by their clients. A recent example we’ve seen was a Java developer being taken on as a Hybris consultant largely because they were training in Hybris using Learning Hub.

K2’s SAP Learning Hub program has been a huge success with more than 230 K2 freelancers retraining in SAP cloud technologies in the nine months since we launched. And in June, SAP itself recognised K2’s commitment to developing skills in the SAP freelancer arena in this new Business Transformation Study.

Dylan Griffiths, Digital Director, K2 Partnering Solutions.

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