k2-sap-learning-hubRecently I wrote an article about How to Become a Certified Cloud Consultant. After my post, I received many inquiries, especially from SAP HR/HCM consultants, who were asking whether they should move into this area or not. So in this post, I will talk about why I believe transitioning from being a SAP HR/HCM Consultant to a Certified SuccessFactors Consultant is a great move!

There are three main reasons why I believe you should be transitioning to Cloud HCM application consulting.

1.Traditional HR doesn’t meet the needs of today’s HR system

The competition for talent is heightening, skills shortages are increasing and social recruiting tools are making it easier than ever for employees to change their jobs. Managers need to align their human capital management, data and strategies around these trends to create great employee experiences that best serve its customers and business.

It is clear to see that the business needs to think about how to overcome these issues during this transitional time for human resources. As HR becomes increasingly digitised, traditional on-premise HR systems no longer meet business needs because they lack the tools to measure their employees’ success, performance, employee engagement and training to retain, attract and educate their talent.

2. Shift to Cloud: Data and Analytics

In this digital age, we hear terms like “Big Data”, “Predictive Analytics” and “Internet of Things” all the time. But now, these terms are popping up in the world of HR as well.

SuccessFactors and other Cloud HR tools can now provide a company with data which can be leveraged to improve the work environment, performance, and reducing risks. Understanding this data will strengthen the organisation structure and help them to achieve their goals.

3. SAP On-Premise HR Solutions will become redundant

Even though there may be an extension to SAP’s roadmap at some point, it has become obvious that Cloud is not something that will happen in the future, it is the present and is happening now.

A large number of customers have already moved into Cloud, and according to SAP’s roadmap, they will only be supporting SAP HCM until 2025. Obviously, customers will not be forced to move, however, by 2025, I believe the majority of customers will have moved into the Cloud HCM space and will have moved away from On-Premise SAP ERP HCM, whichever vendor they choose to move to.

Combining these factors means that there has never been a better time to transition to SuccessFactors and make sure you have the skills to grow your career in the future. If you would like to discuss any of these points further or would like to learn more about retaining in SuccessFactors, please feel free to reach out or comment here, I would love to hear your thoughts!


You can also reach out to me on myamada@k2partnering.com for any questions or advice!


momo-yamadaMomo Yamada is a K2 Konnect Project Manager at K2 Partnering Solutions.





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