When I first started out in Salesforce revising for my ADM201, questions like these were the bane of my life. Record Types Vs Page Layouts, Lookups Vs Master-detail, Workflow Rules Vs Apex Triggers, and the list goes on. But after conquering half a dozen exams and getting a few years experience under my belt, these types of questions turn into a breeze, and solutionizing becomes second nature. I find that the reason these questions become so easy, is due to the fact experienced professionals have 10’s of use cases they have worked on previously. With this not being possible at a more junior level, it becomes a lot harder to imagine a solution, but also the correct feature to use. Because of this, I thought it would be a great idea to put together some clear examples and explanations of common mixups and confusing features. First up, Page Layouts Vs Record Types… Head on over to the Salesforce Ben blog to continue reading this post



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