Salesforce is continuing its mission to make working life easier for its customers. Their latest manoeuvre is to transition all users to their new framework, Lightning, which will take place across Salesforce’s customer base in Winter, 2020. First launched in 2016, Lightning helps each Salesforce expert to produce better visual reporting, charts and dashboards, increase customisation and more leading to increased productivity, efficiency and sales

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It is recommended that Salesforce customers transition to Lightning before 2020, in order to get accustomed to the easy to use new features and interface. They shall then be able to reap the rewards of the platform, but what exactly are its benefits?

1. Productivity is Boosted

The first great benefit of Lightning is that every aspect of a person’s job is within the platform. For example, a sales rep will have access to their lead scores, insights, contacts and more. Lightning even allows users to make phone calls and send or receive voicemail messages! This results in a more personalised and conscientious service to their clients.

Having all of the vital features required to do their job in one platform means that employees will be able to keep track of their tasks and progress, allowing them to become even more efficient in their work. Salesforce has predicted that as a result, Lightning will save up to 10 hours, per employee, per week. Having more time will allow for higher quality work and happier, less stressed teams.

2. Operations are Optimised

Due to all operations being carried out within Lightning, businesses will have access to more accurate data about their performance. Not only this but having every department’s activity in the same place will generate better insights into several areas, from sales pipelines to service operations.

3. You can Build Apps Faster

The app industry is growing fast, meaning that organisations benefit from allowing their customers to access their services via mobile. Lightning has made the app building process much simpler, with no need for pro-code tools or code builders. A simpler user experience means that businesses and their IT departments can build apps in unison. The result is greater collaboration, generating faster results, saving up to 20% of developers’ time when building customisations.

4. Utilise AI to Work Smarter

Salesforce’s AI technology, Einstein, is built in within Lightning. Such accessible AI will benefit customers with its capacity to uncover insights and trends, visualise KPIs and utilise data analytics. Built-in AI will be able to save a significant amount of time for users, who will no longer have to concern themselves with the tasks that can be automated. The Lightning AI will also be able to evaluate the insights and data at its disposal to identify the best next steps for its users to generate successful business strategy.

Having every aspect of their job roles in one platform will assist employees in optimising their performance. For example, developers can use pre-built blocks of code and use them to create new components, saving on development costs. Administrators will be able to save time with Lightning’s feature of dragging and dropping components and being able to reuse them on any page. Sales reps will have greater insights and have the means to monitor the progress of potential deals. Having every aspect of their teams’ roles within one platform will be of significant advantage to managers, enabling them to monitor business performance more easily. With Lightning, their teams can easily collaborate on the same platform, allowing them more organised and able to solve problems faster.

Lightning promises to be a significant step in helping users work more efficiently and productively, maximising customers’ return on their investment in Salesforce. Although Salesforce first made Lightning available back in 2016, it appears that with this latest move they are looking to speed up adoption. Making the move can pose challenges for Salesforce customers, particularly those that have customized their orgs. If you need help getting your business Lightning ready, talk to K2.

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