k2-educationK2 recently completed the first in a series of training courses in Brazil to help grow the local Salesforce talent pool and equip consultants with the latest skills. The training focused on Salesforce’s Wave Analytics solution which K2 has been using for its internal business analytics for the past year, pioneering its use in Latin America. The tool has provided K2 with a comprehensive view of our business and delivered actionable data to improve decision making.

Although adoption of Wave Analytics has so far been limited in Latin America, we believe that it is set for exponential growth and we plan to make sure consultants have the necessary skills to support this growth. Our Salesforce Wave Analytics training provides an overview of the solution and also focuses on key areas such as importing data and security issues.

What does K2’s Salesforce Wave Analytics training cover?

  • What is Wave Analytics and why choose it as a solution?
  • The differences between Salesforce Standard Reports and Wave Analytics
  • The different Wave licenses and how to take the first steps in using the tool
  • Explaining the key components and how to import data into Wave
  • How to ensure the security of your data
  • A demonstration with real case studies and success stories from around the world

To register your interest in our upcoming training programs please contact me.

Cristiano Silva Neto – Sales & Education Associate, Training and Development Technology in Brazil

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