Thinking of attending Dreamforce, the flagship Salesforce event, this year? Here are 4 reasons why you should attend the world’s biggest software conference.

Get the latest product news from Salesforce and its partners – Get the scoop on the latest big announcements from Salesforce and take that new found knowledge back to your work.

Get inspired! – Salesforce is again delivering a plethora of inspirational speakers which this year includes Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher and Marc Benioff, amongst many others. Get inspired by leaders from within tech and the wider world.

Grow your networking – Dreamforce is a great opportunity to grow your network and meet people face-to-face. There is an incredible number of opportunities to meet people, from the many parties each night (including K2’s very own reception on Wednesday the 8th) to seminars and even over lunch.

Visit the Customer Success Expo for innovative ideas from across the Salesforce ecosystem – visit the Expo to get innovative ideas about existing products and well as the scoop on new software. Speak to Salesforce partners about what they’re offering to help customers of the #1 Cloud CRM platform. The Expo really is “a learning experience you don’t want to miss.”



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margaret-kellyMargaret Kelly, Marketing Assistant based at K2 Partnering Solutions HQ in London.





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