Passing your Salesforce certification exam is a challenge and the failure rate can be as high as 60%. Here are some tips that will improve your chances of earning that all-important Salesforce certification first time.

  1. Take an official Salesforce courses from K2 University for Admins, Developers and Marketing Cloud Specialists
  2. Book your exam date so you have a goal to work towards, schedule it within a few weeks of finishing your course, the information will still be fresh in your mind
  3. Use official Salesforce training material. These are trustworthy sources that are aligned to certification exam topics and pay close attention to question weightings
  4. Make your own notes by writing down critical information or the things you have trouble remembering, these notes are your last minute revision material for a refresh the night before the exam
  5. Allow extra study time for material not covered in class
  6. Get hands-on experience in a Salesforce org, it can be as important as studying
  7. Hit the internet to bolster your learning with Trailheads or some of the many videos on Youtube
  8. Get help from people who’ve already gone through the process from online study groups or communities such as K2 Konnect
  9. Take a Salesforce Exam preparation course from K2 University 

    – Highly focused one-day courses to prepare you for exam success
    – Exam prep for ADM201
    – Exam prep for ADM211
    – Exam prep for DEV402
  10. Read the exam questions carefully, re-read if you’re not completely clear first time. If you’re spending too long on a question, move on and come back to it later.


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