Last week, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with K2. I started my career with K2 in Shanghai. Over 2 years in K2 Shanghai was not a super long journey, but I have helped K2 Shanghai to set up the SMAC practice in China, and ready for the next chapter. I was lucky enough to be the first batch of employees to participate our Foreign Experience Program and was transferred to K2 San Francisco office 7 months ago.

Considering my previous 4 years’ overseas experience in India, living abroad is not totally strange to me. But my experience in San Francisco has been wonderful so far. New market, new life, coming with new challenges.



Home to a lots of high-tech powerhouses—including Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Uber, Intuit, Oracle and Twitter — Bay area boasts achievements and influence that extend well beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s the people that make those IT companies tick. Hence, we are in a very competitive market.



I majorly cover the talent sourcing for Salesforce and business development for SAP Hybris market in America. I used the first month to pick up the knowledge of the normal hiring process in US market. I didn’t really see any culture gap. Our leaders and colleagues here are quite approachable and being very nice to me. They really helped me to get up and running, so I can show results quickly. Meanwhile, I get the chance to service a different type of clients from start-ups to the IT giants. Contract (Freelancer) market is much bigger than the permanent employment market.



Apart from the work life, you will definitely enjoy the good food and nice weather here. San Francisco bay area is the most beautiful and diversified place in America (at least in my eyes). The city itself has a rich history. People love outdoor activities. They wear casual or semi-formal to work, and they have more flexible ways to make life & work balanced. Although the living costs are quite expensive in the bay area, it attracts some of the most top-notch IT talent from across the world.

All in all, it is a true pleasure for me to work in K2 San Francisco office. My journey will continue, just hope there will be more people in K2 will join me and embrace the new challenges.



yu-lin Yu Lin, is a Practical Lead in eCommerce based in San Francisco





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