It’s the beginning of another year, and as always, this prompts a lot of speculation about what will be at the top of C-Suite shopping lists. Whilst there are disagreements over the relative importance of Predictive Analytics and IoT, or even differences of opinion over what it means to become a ‘Digital’ Company, one thing is clear; the only constant is change.

The goalposts are moving constantly, and the advantages of utilising the most up to date ideas and technology are almost immediate. Rapid implementation and constant iterative improvement has made this possible.

To confuse matters further, more C-Level positions exist than ever before, a quick poll here at K2’s London office counted over 40 different variations; from the traditional CEO to the Chief Visionary Officer. And there is Technology available to all of them, and so many great products out there.

This proliferation of options does create problems. It is easy to become obsessed with the quick win, or to search endlessly for the mythical ‘low-hanging fruit’. But this can come at the expense of the truly transformational programme, and the ability to make significant, rather than just simple, gains.

Let’s try not to complicate things though, just for now, and pose two questions to define technology strategy.

– What do we do?

– How do we do it?

Here, at K2 Partnering Solutions, we believe that your Technology Staffing Partner should play a valuable role in answering both of these questions.

In answering the first, we have found that your vendors are likely to tell you what you could do, your advisory will tell you what you should do, compliance will tell you what you can’t do, and your partners will tell you that they’ll do it for you, whatever it is. This cocktail of information is vital to good decision making. However, seeking independent advice from a highly experienced professional with no hidden agenda adds both perspective and value. Your Staffing Partner should have unparalleled access to a network of these experts, and be able to make sure your business has the advice and information needed to define its path.

Even your best laid plan can go wrong, to paraphrase Rabbie Burns, so execution is critical. When drawing up the right execution plan for your business, you’ll have to decide whether to do the work internally, or externally. Or, more likely, which parts of your strategy you’ll assign to which internal or external partners. Here, once more, a good Staffing Partner should be able to add real value. They should be able to provide you with the right staff to build your internal teams, be able to offer options to ramp up rapidly when needed, to make introductions to external suppliers, and to make sure that you are not wholly reliant upon any other organisation, and retain the appropriate decision making and skills.

We all need to create and embrace change. Perhaps we can connect you with someone to help you decide what to change, and how.

Martin Jones is Sales Director for the K2 Partnering Solutions’ Flagship office in London.

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