At the beginning, it is hard to grasp what staffing is REALLY all about no matter how much you try to get it. But once you are in the business, at some point it just hits you that it is as exciting and rewarding as it is demanding and challenging.

In this industry many find an opportunity to prove themselves, make money, and build a solid reputation in niche markets, these are top performers who consistently show results and achieve success and will tell you that this is the best job in the world.

We always talk about what it takes to have a successful career at K2, but what should you keep in mind if this is just the beginning of your career?

This business is about consistency. There are always variables to keep in mind: market changes, economy, clients changing priorities, culture, and we’ve noticed over the years that despite all these, it is work ethics, persistence, and tenacity that will make you stand out and be successful in this field.

When you work in such a fast-paced industry you need to make the most out of every interaction: always network and meet someone with a purpose. The more you meet people, the more opportunities will happen. Listen! Every conversation has something of value.

Like any other career, it has its high and lows. This business can be stressful; if you can’t manage that you will burn out. Learn how to not get too frustrated with bad news and celebrate the good times! It takes a great deal of maturity and emotional intelligence to learn from your frustrations and carry on.

Keep positive. This is the most important thing to remember. Work hard, loosen up a little,  learn everything you can as fast as you can, and enjoy yourself!


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