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The increasing demand for Business Analysts and similarly titled roles was recently underlined by US Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that American employers will need 876,000 business analysis related professionals by 2020.

We continue our blog series highlighting interview questions for key technology roles by taking a timely look at some of the questions Business Analysts should be able to answer at interview, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. What do you see as the key strengths of a business analyst?

2. Tell us about about your typical approach when starting a new project?

3. Would you consider yourself to be a Business Analyst or a Project Manager or both?

4. How do you capture the requirements from a business and how would you present your recommendations to stakeholders?

5. What do you think makes a great Business Analyst?

6. Why would you like to work for us?

7. Tell us about a time when you had a problem with someone in your team and what you did to resolve it?

8. What would you do on your first day at work here at x company?

9. What do you do when a stakeholder wants a must-have requirement but the costs are too high?

10. Please draw a flowchart for x task or event.

11. How do you conduct a Gap Analysis?

12. Tell us about a project you worked on where you had to deal with various responsibilities and tasks and how you prioritised these?

13. What sort of challenges do you think the IT industry will face over the coming years?

14. What would you advise a Business Analyst to say to a project manager to help him/her prepare a project plan for a new project?

15. What is the biggest problem you have faced on a project and how did you solve it?

16. How do you explain the user centered design methodology?

17. Do you have knowledge of SQL, what practical experience have you had with it?

18. Do you have knowledge of macros and pivot tables in MS Excel, what practical experiences can you draw on?

19. Please talk us through the Agile SCRUM process?

20. What can you do for us that no other candidate can?

Source: Glassdoor

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