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Presença global, experiência local

A K2 Partnering Solutions foi formada em 1997 para fornecer consultores de software corporativo para projetos em todo o mundo. Com 19
locais que abrangem Europa, América do Norte, América do Sul e Ásia-Pacífico, temos a infraestrutura para atender as necessidades locais dos nossos parceiros, entregando também no âmbito global.

Nossa equipe

Vimos profissionais de todos os tipos de origens chegarem ao sucesso na K2. Venha conhecer as pessoas que fazem tudo isso acontecer.

Nossa história

Com quase vinte anos de experiência no setor de terceirização de funcionários de tecnologia, trilhamos uma jornada incrível. Veja alguns de nossos momentos mais importantes.

Trabalhar para a K2

Estamos sempre em busca dos melhores talentos para integrá-los às nossas equipes em todo o mundo. Saiba como é trabalhar na K2.

Novidades do blog

Events to Watch out for in 2020

With the arrival of a new year, it’s time to start thinking about the best events in the world of technology, offering vital networking and learning opportunities.  Here is a selection of our top picks of events to attend to stay ahead in 2020: The Salesforce World...

Salesforce Events – January and February 2020

Don’t miss the chance to get involved with one of the many Salesforce events over the next few months. Take a look below at our list of forthcoming conferences and conventions around the globe. Attending Salesforce events is the perfect way to keep up to date with the...

SAP Events – January and February 2020

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software serving more than 437,000 customers in over 180 countries. SAP events enable you to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments within the huge SAP product suite. They also provide...

Predictive Analytics: The Weapon in Business Forecasting

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the future? If we could use our experience of things past to make intelligent predictions about things to come. Sound a little sci-fi? Not in the world of business… “The science of predictive analytics can generate future...

Three Technologies That Will Boost Your Career in 2020

In this webinar we will go through three of the most marketable technologies in 2020, and how to ace them with K2 University: SAP, Salesforce, RPA Date: 12 December 2019 Time: 3:00pm CET REGISTER NOW   We look forward to welcoming you.  

Our Dreamforce Highlights

As ever, the annual Dreamforce event proved to be an inspiring experience for the thousands of attendees who flocked to San Francisco including several members of the K2 team. Here are some of our highlights from Dreamforce 2019: What’s Coming Next? Dreamforce offers...

K2 at Dreamforce 2019 on the Power of Analytics and Education

K2 is presenting at two sessions at this year’s Dreamforce covering how Einstein Analytics can be used to prove IT project ROI and another on how K2 University is helping people skill up for the future. Zaidy Ramirez, our Chief Technology Officer, will give a talk...

Salesforce Economy to Create 4.2m new Jobs by 2024

The Salesforce economy is forecast to create 4.2 million net new jobs and $1.2 trillion in new business revenues by 2021 according to a new report from IDC. The huge growth within the Salesforce ecosystem mirrors that of the cloud computing industry as a whole which...

How IoT has Escalated the Cybersecurity Issue

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere nowadays - it’s in most households and offices. However, these devices have been increasingly seen as a potential risk for cybersecurity: A study by Symantec revealed that IoT cyber-attacks increased by a staggering 600%...

How Humans are the Future of Work

How Humans are the Future of Work There is a pressing need to reevaluate the role of humans in the workplace and the role of ‘work’ in society. In this webinar, you will learn more about how to start your Robotic Process Automation journey towards taking your...

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