Dreamforce was back with a bang in 2021. Not only was there an invitation-only in-person event in San Francisco, but Salesforce’s new streaming service, Salesforce+ allowed thousands of people all over the world to experience Dreamforce online.

Salesforce+ was key to ensuring that Dreamforce 2021 was as accessible as possible for the huge number of remote attendees. Its features meant that users could not only watch live and on-demand original Salesforce content, but also talk to other people and reap the benefits of networking throughout the event. Salesforce+ also meant it was easier for leaders in different parts of the world to give an overview of their region-specific insights and updates.

2021 has been another successful year for Salesforce. The organization has achieved $26.3 billion in revenue this year. It was announced at Dreamforce 2021 that the aim is to double this to $50 billion in the next four years. This is in line with the estimation that over 9.3 million new roles will be created in the entire Salesforce ecosystem by 2026, along with $1.56 trillion of new business revenues.

These aims will be made even more likely thanks to Salesforce’s fast growth and innovation. 

One significant announcement was that Salesforce is developing how they can help users automate complex business processes. Previous tools, Workflow Rules and Process Builder, are being retired in favor of Flows. This will mean users will have to be ready to help their customers migrate to Flows, which will be released at the end of 2023. Salesforce has promised that it will offer migration tools to support the customer migration.

Not only this, but in 2021 Salesforce acquired Slack, the business communication platform. Several new integrations between Slack and existing Salesforce products were announced for 2022 at this year’s Dreamforce ready. These include:

  • Using data visualization to answer users’ typed questions more effectively.
  • Einstein Discovery in Slack offering recommendations and predictions to users with the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Digital deal rooms to access, update and share records from Salesforce. This will make it easier to monitor current deals, pipelines and deadlines.

Several new Slack capabilities that will help increase user engagement were also announced at Dreamforce 2021. These will strengthen businesses’ relationships with their customers and partners. For example, Slack Clips allows users to create and share audio and video recordings within any Slack channel. Also, new features in Slack Connect will boost external communication efficiency. 

Following Salesforce’s new Slack integrations, the company also announced a new wave of Service Cloud additions at Dreamforce’s Service Cloud 360 keynote. The eight new Service Cloud features are centered upon incident management, extended Salesforce Flow automation, and voice, video and text capabilities:

  1. Customer Service Incident Management
  2. Extended Flow Automation
  3. Robotic process automation capabilities (RPA) for Service Cloud
  4. Einstein Conversation Mining
  5. Messaging for In-app & Web
  6. Visual Remote Assistant
  7. Workforce Engagement Intraday Management
  8. Service Cloud Voice

With these new features, Service Cloud users will be able to significantly improve their efficiency and, in turn, their customers’ experience.

Finally, Salesforce made another announcement at Dreamforce to help its customers run their business more effectively. The organization has added Robotic Process Automation to Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM. The three new Einstein Automate products are:

  • Mulesoft RPA – bots can benefit users by processing documents, entering data, or taking action on the user’s behalf without code.
  • Einstein Document Reader – documents such as identification can be scanned immediately so that they can be mapped against Salesforce records. 
  • Digital Process Automation – users can build branded digital experiences at a faster pace that allow others to define automation rules and logic, extract information from documents and integrate it into automated workflows.

These three new products help Salesforce users reduce the time they spend on repetitive manual processes.

Once again, Dreamforce provided a unique opportunity for professionals and businesses to gain vital insights into the current and future state of the Salesforce ecosystem. 

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