The perennial war for talent has proven even more problematic over the last few years for obvious reasons. It has meant that many companies are struggling to find the talent they need to manage their digital transformation programs. 

K2, like many organizations, is continuing to use technology to drive innovation. Like many companies around the world, we have needed to look at creative ways to increase the size and scope of the talent pool available to our business.

To help address our specific needs in Brazil, we created our IT Academy. This initiative saw K2 Partnering Solutions working with our sister-company K2 University to discover a targeted talent pool, developing a unique talent development program to upskill them. Our K2 University team trained the intake with their world-class teaching of official Salesforce course content. This equipped them with the necessary skills and knowledge to start their new career as a Salesforce professional.  

The IT Academy training program ran for 12 weeks. During this time the students received world-class teaching of official Salesforce course content, learned about the most high-demand Salesforce technologies, and became Salesforce certified so that they were ready to start working on innovative new K2 projects. 

The success of the IT Academy has been proven now that the cohort is key members of our own elite team of Salesforce Developers and Business Analysts in Brazil.

Our Director of Engineering and Automation, Zaidy Ramirez, shared some insights into this exciting initiative:

‘K2’s IT Academy is helping gifted people transition to an innovative technical career. The students are able to fully dedicate their time to achieving their goals. The IT Academy allows them to achieve their goals without having the stress of working to support themselves through a Computer Science degree.

Our world is changing, and so should our training and education programs. K2 and our training programs are embracing change and giving us a more competitive advantage in higher education.’ 

In 2022 we are tackling the scarcity of Salesforce talent by creating another K2 IT Academy in Peru. The new intake is from low-income backgrounds, which means we are continuing to discover and develop talented new professionals who may otherwise have been marginalized. With our IT Academy, the students will be able to forge a rewarding career by tackling exciting technical glocal challenges for K2.

By identifying and training our own talent, we have strengthened the Salesforce ecosystem and have provided valuable opportunities for people of a variety of backgrounds. With over 9.3 million new roles estimated to be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2026, the competition for Salesforce-certified professionals has never been greater. 

K2 is committed to nurturing new talent and providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed in a rewarding career. Discover more about working with us.

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