K2’s Corporate Social Responsibility

K2 is committed to aiding charities that help to improve the lives of people across the world, while also caring for the environment within which we live through our own policies. Over the years we have worked with a number of organisations and charities to ensure that our commitments are met. 

  • K2 has a Global Charity day off policy. Employees that chose to volunteer for a day at a charity of their choice will be given an extra day of holiday. This equates to roughly 400 days of charity work contributed across the globe. Our employees care about a variety of causes: from human and equal rights to animal welfare and presentation of the environment.


  • K2 actively sponsors “Go Green” initiatives across all offices. We have reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating all plastic bottles from meetings and have installed water fountains in all offices. We have switched to green energy providers where possible 


  • For each internal position that K2 hired during 2019, a monetary donation was made to the WomenOne, a charity for the education of girls and women in developing countries.


  • K2U One tree planted – We support One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation. For every completed survey through our client satisfaction program we donate money to One Tree Planted and help its reforestation programs around the world.
  • In 2020, during the pandemic, we are promoting food drive donations (internally and seeking out clients to donate as well). The donations will be directed to Centro de Promoção Social Bororé and Associação Mãos na Massa. 


  • When our London office moved in 2019, we donated our office furniture to the British Heart Foundation. We also promoted an internal raffle and the profits of tickets sold were donated to Cancer Research and The Children’s Society


  • We promote an office drive to donated clothes for anyone who needs to go to job interviews but doesn’t have the correct attire.


  • September 2019: Support for the global movement Fridays for future to declare Climate Emergency.


  • December 2019: K2 Education team divided into groups to make a day of teaching mobile applications to grandparents with the organization Life Free. https://lifethree.org/




  • Q2 2019: We visited the “Asilo Mundet”, an elderly home, where we played board games, organized activities and talked to the people there.


  • Q3 2019: Donation to Unicef, specifically, the branch protecting children of immigrants.


  • Q4 2019: Unitec We donated blankets to the poor alongside a local university


  • Our offices in the US promote on a yearly bases a Thanksgiving food drive, every US office participates and we typically donate a total of $2K to soup kitchens in our cities.





  • We use a digital signature tool to reduce our paper usage for a long time. At global strategy KIKs, all documents and attendee information was distributed by mobile app, avoiding unnecessary use of paper.




  • K2 Dallas recently got involved in supporting their local community by helping with a local clean-up of a pond area in the city. Now, every two months, they will join other clean-up efforts in the area to continue their support of the community.


  • Earlier this year, K2 Boston purchased a ‘Bevi’ machine for the office. It allows the team to enjoy chilled still and sparkling water, with a wide choice of flavours. One of the Bevi’s great perks is that it displays how many plastic bottles have been saved each time the machine is used. This figure clearly demonstrates the positive environmental impact of installing the Bevi – in the first two weeks of January 2020 alone the Boston office avoided using a staggering 2,548 bottles!




  • Our Frankfurt office has sealed the deal for a brand new BRITA water system. By investing in this feature, the team has significantly improved its carbon footprint. Before, the office was ordering crates of plastic and glass bottles. With the installation of the BRITA water system, the team can now enjoy water without impacting the environment. K2 Frankfurt is now one step closer to their goal of being completely plastic-free by the end of 2020!




  • K2 Madrid implemented the initial steps to moving to electricity from 100% renewable sources. For the past few months, the office has been working with a supplier, Gesternova, with the aim of consuming purely green electricity. They have also reduced plastic use by providing a water fountain, as well as introducing biodegradable glasses and cutlery at events.




  • Our offices in Asia have employed paperless and plastic-free meetings. Dedication to ensuring that each gathering in this region’s offices does not use plastic or paper offers a significant contribution to ensuring that K2 helps to reduce the world’s wastage.
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