ErasmusK2 University is launching a new scheme to help students and recent graduates get hands-on experience in some of the digital fields demanded by the market. The Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative is in partnership with the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and the Erasmus group of European universities.

In the first wave of the scheme, K2 will host students for internships in several digital fields including Salesforce CRM administrators, digital education and digital recruitment specialists.

Trainee Salesforce CRM administrators will participate in a Salesforce Admin boot camp from K2 University designed to get them Salesforce certified. Once certified, K2 will place them with our clients for 6-months of hands-on experience working in a team of Salesforce professionals. Trainees will gain invaluable experience learning best practices and procedures to design, implement, build, test, document, and support a variety of software applications.

Trainee digital education specialists will be placed within the K2 University business to learn how to upskill and reskill professionals to fill the digital skills gap. They will gain experience in offering career advice, education and training, certification and building relationships with European universities.

Finally, trainee digital recruitment specialists will be placed within teams of K2 staffing experts responsible for finding, attracting and placing top digital and IT professionals. They will get hands-on training in the use of CRM software in the context of recruiting digital talent and gain in-depth knowledge of the IT market.

With many employers saying young people are leaving education unready for the workplace, through this initiative K2 University is offering the on the job experience that they demand.

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