Salesforce Trailhead for Students

Partnering with universities to improve the employability of their graduates

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is a great illustration of the massive growth in cloud computing seen in recent years. Around 150,000 customers including T-Mobile, AXA and Ocado use Salesforce to manage their day to day sales functions and business processes.

However, with the number of Salesforce customers growing faster than the number of qualified Salesforce professionals on the market, talent is in hot demand and students will do well to forge a career in Salesforce.

According to job market research firm, IDC there will be 3.3 million job openings requesting Salesforce or Salesforce-related skills by 2022. Salaries in this field are highly competitive too with stats reporting that people with Salesforce-related skills can earn around $80,000 on average annually.

Careers in Salesforce

Whether you’re looking to go into a business, administrative or development career when you leave university, Salesforce has you covered.

Why Train With K2

K2 works with universities to maximise the employability of their graduates by helping students get the specific skills they need to succeed in today’s digitally transformed enterprises. Our exclusive boot camp learning mix combines a mix of instructor-led and self guided using Salesforce Trailhead online courses.

Our unique position as a global consultative salesforce staffing partner and training provider means that we have the reach and expertise to take a student from career advice and training right through to certification and work placement.

What K2 are doing

Partnering with Universities across Europe

Helping close the digital skills gap across Europe

Ensuring students have the skills and accreditations to kick-start their career

Examples of who we’re partnering with

European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

K2 is a Member of the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and have pledged to help close the digital skills gap in Europe by training professionals and students in the key technology growth areas, including Salesforce.


We’ve also partnered with AMETIC, the Spanish Technology Association, to support initiatives such as Talent 4.0, Industry 4.0, and ASTI with educational services.



Ministry of Education, Spain

Working with the Spanish Ministry of Education since 2016, K2 has helped develop a bespoke range of Salesforce courses to be delivered through the online training platform  ‘Aula Mentor’.


Universitat de Les Illes Balears

K2 have also created a bespoke blend of Trailhead and classroom-based ADM201 for students at the Universitat de Les Illes Balears.



Working to Provide the Next Generation of Digital Skills

Through our education division, K2 University, we’ve pledged to train professionals and university students in the key technology growth areas including Salesforce, working with the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to help close the digital skills gap in Europe.

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