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Harnessing the power of technology to create lasting connections.

Our bespoke platforms make all the hard work of  hiring the best talent simple.

Innovative approaches to human connections.

Thousands of konnections, at your fingertips.

K2 Konnect is a curated community of technology experts, used by the biggest companies and best IT consultants around. This powerful platform is where lasting connections are created, and opportunities are found with no fuss.

Techsta is the answer to job and talent discovery.

Are you an IT professional looking for a new challenge? Perhaps you’re looking for experts to drive your mission-critical projects. Techsta holds the key. Our network of tried and tested professionals is growing fast and are all ready to start work with the world’s best companies.


K2’s world-leading permanent recruitment approach combines the best data-driven insights, a trademarked screening process and personal relationships with the most sought-after and difficult-to-find talent built over decades in the industry.

Dinesh Krishnan, Regional Deployment Lead

Data & Testing

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Transforming Salesforce with GenAI
Transforming Salesforce with GenAI

Join us for our expert-led webinar where we’ll explore the dynamic integration of generative AI with Salesforce to revolutionize your CRM capabilities.