Every year, K2 hosts an incentive trip of a lifetime for our top-performing employees and members of our community of freelance technology consultants to say thank you for their outstanding achievements, commitment and hard work. Past trips have been to amazing locations such as Greece, Vietnam and South Africa. This year, the lucky group was treated to a week in sunny Roatán, a beautiful island in the Caribbean!


Read on to hear thoughts and views from a selection of the attendees and see some photos from this incredible and exciting 2019 trip:

Adam Cesnik, Senior Account Executive, San Francisco:

“I was so excited when I found out I was going to Roatan – the trip opened my eyes to all the different perspectives from my counterparts in other regions.”

Marc Burgess, Regional Account Executive, London:

“The boat day was incredible – we chartered a yacht and spent the afternoon partying and stopped off to snorkel among the turtles!

The world is your oyster and your targets to get on these trips are clear. Every person at K2 has the same database. You have two ears and one mouth, so listen to your peers and make it happen with your desire to succeed!”

Achille Di Leo Regional Account Executive, San Francisco:

“Going to Roatan gave me the chance to interact and get to know colleagues from different locations and cultures, which was an invaluable professional experience. I’ve learned how different regions operate on a daily basis and their current technology trends.”

Adriana Pineda Arango, Email Marketing Specialist, Colombia:

“The whole week was amazing – waking up with the sound of the ocean, feeling the heat of the day, being with such nice people from very different cultures and backgrounds. My favourite part was the catamaran trip. We saw all types of fish and got to see the whole island, singing and dancing the whole time! At the end of the day we were able to see the sunset. It was beautiful!

Thiago Silva Portela, Sales Manager, São Paulo:

“All you need to do to get a place on one of these trips is to be engaged with K2, work hard and believe it’s possible. I’ve worked at K2 for over 2 years and Roatan was my second K2 incentive trip, so it’s completely possible!”

Claudio Crispo, Creative Design Lead, Global:

“Getting out of your comfort zone with some of the activities and networking is definitely a great way to develop your soft skills.”

Jessy Dupuis, Senior Sales Associate, Geneva:

“To get on a trip, just work hard each day and all year to be top booker of your category. Don’t feel like it’s not achievable because it is. The more you book, the more tickets you get for the incentive trip draw. Identify your strength and focus on it.”

Drew Montano, Senior Technical Recruiter, Boston:

“The boat tour was a blast but my favourite part was our bus trip to and from our Roatan Tour. We sang and danced to music during an hour-long bus ride!”

Giusy Chianese, K2 University Senior Sales Manager, Madrid:

“Going to Roatan meant I met colleagues from every part of the world – people that I only communicate with via email/Gchat. Meeting them and sharing moments with them helped me get a better relationship with them, understand their role and who they are.”

Guilherme Coelho, C#/Salesforce Developer, São Paulo:

“As somebody told me once, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything in your life. So work hard and be sure you are always doing the best you can. If you do this, a place on the next incentive trip could be yours!”

The K2 team continuously displays dedication and a will to push themselves to their full potential. These trips are the perfect way to say a special thank you to those who go the extra mile.

Who will it be next year?

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