At the beginning of April 2019, each K2 office around the globe temporarily downed tools for a very special reason. For the first time in K2’s history, every team member marked our Culture Day 2019 in unison, celebrating what makes K2 unique and to reinforce the core values held by every employee, in every department, in every office.

As well as viewing a video message about our company vision and mission from our CEO, Antonio Gulino, there were workshops to examine our four values:

  • Use Knowledge Intelligently
  • Excel Through Quality
  • Open and Honest Relationships
  • Create and Embrace Change

By using Culture Day as an opportunity for even more collaboration and communication, we were able to reflect on how these values benefit K2, how we can put these values into practice day today and how we can continue to evolve and maintain our position as the global leader in consultative technology solutions.

A fundamental part of K2’s culture is having fun to ensure strong relationships among the team. So we made sure that our Culture Day was full of it! Offices held different activities and games and some also had a selection of food from different cultures to savor, helping us celebrate both the different international cultures within the company and K2’s universal culture! Here’s a snapshot of what we got up to in some of our offices around the world:


The first office to kick off Culture Day, the Shanghai team enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. Then, each colleague talked about what their perception of K2’s culture is and their own individual values. The final part of the day involved the team splitting into small groups where they reviewed our company’s audience and brand, sharing ideas and thoughts.


Hosted by the Sales Director and other members of the management team, Our London office saw the event space covered in everything K2, from ‘I love K2 badges’ to branded flags! After discussing how K2 uses its four values, the team had a great time with a pub quiz. This tested their knowledge of the organization as well as London itself. The winners received some fantastic prizes for being experts on all things K2 and the city!


In the Singapore office, the team all donned red to honor the K2 Partnering color! They also enjoyed a feast of a local Singaporean and Mexican fusion food. The team also examined K2’s mission and values, talking to each other about how they are put into practice, how they make the company successful and ways to implement them in even more.


The crowning glory of the Madrid office’s day certainly took the cake! They marked Culture Day by enjoying a huge, Nutella cake in the shape of a mountain with a mini-climber making their way to the top. This certainly summed up the K2 traits of determination and pushing yourself to succeed!


Our Mexico City office decided to leave the office for their Culture Day celebrations, by holding their proceedings on the rooftop terrace of a nearby restaurant. The team covered the terrace with K2 branding and even painted their faces with ‘K2’ in the Mexican flag colors! The region’s Managing Director, Javier Ballester, gave an introductory speech about K2’s mission, vision, its values and how these have evolved throughout the years. The team was invited to think about how they could apply K2’s values and vision on a daily basis and areas where they and the company as a whole could keep on evolving. Finally, they enjoyed an indulgent chocolate truffle cake!

Other offices had an equally fantastic day, filled with food and fun, from Frankfurt’s takeaway pizza to Tokyo’s K2 cupcakes! Each one embraced the spirit of K2’s culture of collaboration and communication.

Culture Day gave all K2 colleagues the chance to learn from each other by listening and letting every voice be heard, all over the world. After evaluating our company values, some recurring themes emerged.

Using knowledge intelligently can be achieved by good communication and sharing expertise and best practices, both internally and externally. Equally, we can continue to excel through quality by staying up to date on the latest technology trends and processes to help us stay at the top of our game.

We must continue to embrace change with flexibility and innovation – perfectly demonstrated by the rapid growth of K2 Konnect! In the spirit of collaboration, the teams discussed the possibility of swapping roles with colleagues in different departments or locations for the day. This idea would help the K2 team understand cultural and professional differences and how every element of the company operates, helping us work in unison.

By continuing to support each other and collaborating effectively, both within each individual office and around the world, K2 will continue to thrive and evolve as a leading company for employees, candidates and clients.

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