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In September 2015 at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, K2 announced the launch of K2 Konnect, the online engagement platform for our consultant community.  Six months later I am happy to say that we have all of our working freelancers on the platform and submitting time sheets, expenses and invoices.

The idea for K2 Konnect was born of our proprietary quality control process called R.E.Q. which rates the consultants that K2 engages with in the areas of Relationship, Expertise and Quality.  By having R.E.Q. as our principle methodology, K2 has always practiced a relationship-centric business model.  This practice, coupled with our focus in specialized markets, has afforded us the ability to develop and maintain long standing affiliations with what we would consider to be the top 20% of the market, across all price points.

As the digital age has become ever present, it became clear to us that there had to be a way for us to evolve our business model and adapt to how people were engaging with each other overall.  We focus in sophisticated IT markets, and it was time our processes reflected that!

When we looked at our best relationships from over the years, and listened to what was important to them and why they continued to not only work on assignments through K2, but what they enjoyed about the connection to our company, it was easy to understand what we needed to provide in order to formalize a true community for these consultants.  We truly consider this population to be an extended workforce and we’ve moved away from the term ‘contractor’ and into viewing them as business associates.

The elements that are out there for any online platform/marketplace/community are endless and we are excited to start to incorporate in 2016 a formal Loyalty Reward Program, visibility for our business associates on the ratings from their projects and the ability to purchase training and products such as K2 SAP Learning Hub that will help to advance their careers and ongoing education.

As we continue to march toward a comprehensive digital engagement solution and all of the advances that comes with, the relationships remain front and center in any consideration  for K2 and it still comes down to three letters…R.E.Q.


Tricia Bielinski is the K2 Global Director for Change Management / Digital Enablement / Training and Learning and based in the London office

Find out more about the K2 SAP Learning Hub and email your questions to saplearninghub@k2partnering.com

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