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At last month’s Dreamforce event in San Francisco, we announced the launch of K2 Konnect, cementing K2 Partnering’s position as an innovator in the technology staffing industry.

K2 Konnect is the new application for our technology consultants that delivers innovative opportunities for networking, learning and career growth. The application brings together a community of the leading consultants in the enterprise technology space, helping them solve the issues they face as technology freelancers.

K2 Konnect lets consultants effortlessly manage essential processes such timesheets, invoices and expenses in the cloud and using any device. Consultants will also be able to rate the K2 projects they’ve worked on and see feedback and recommendations from clients, giving an unprecedented level of transparency to all parties.

For freelancers, getting the training and certifications they need to develop their careers can be a challenge. So starting with K2 SAP Learning Hub, K2 Konnect makes access to e-learning easier and cheaper than ever before.

The K2 Konnect community lets our top consultants network, share tips and get help from peers while at the same time providing access to exclusive industry insights about new and high-demand technologies that will help them stay ahead of the competition. Consultants can create a profile that builds their personal brand and gets them improved exposure to the very best clients and projects.

We have exciting plans for K2 Konnect, bringing more exclusive opportunities for training and certification and an innovative loyalty program in which our consultants will earn rewards for partnering with K2.

As we roll out K2 Konnect over the coming months please join us to earn, learn and innovate!

Dylan Griffiths, Digital and Social Media Director

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