K2 Konnect

The social application for K2's top technology consultants

On-demand talent for the agile enterprise

Introducing the new K2 Konnect Mobile App

Share and Earn With K2 Konnect

Earn, Learn and Innovate with K2 Konnect

K2 offers our top IT consultants access to a proprietary digital platform that is unique in technology staffing – K2 Konnect provides:


  • A platform that builds stronger, continuous relationships with the professionals we work with.
  • Be first to hear about K2 job opportunities.
  • A thriving online community that creates social connections that add value to all parties.
  • Transparency of quality measures for both consultants and clients.
  • Streamlined management of freelance employee processes such as timesheets and expenses.
  • Consultants with access to K2 Konnect also have the opportunity to participate in our exclusive Share and Earn initiative. A simple way for them to boost their income by helping a friend get a job or helping a company fill a vacancy.

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