I used to lead the recruiting side in both K2’s German offices. First for two years in Stuttgart and then around 7 – 8 months in Frankfurt. Now I am based in K2’s San Francisco office. I prefer to focus more on the recruiting and mentoring side as I am a firm believer in hands-on managing/leading other employees.

I moved because I had wanted to live and work in California since I was around 15 years old. The main reason being that I’m a massive US sport fan, often staying up until 2am at home in Germany to watch the games! Another reason was for the food and lifestyle and of course getting to work in the same city as all the biggest names in technology.

When I was younger, my goal was to study for a bit in the US which I did at San Diego State University in 2012 and then when I was focusing on my career my goal was to get to work in California again which I finally succeeded in doing last July.

When I originally started at K2 in 2014 I told the interviewers and managers at the time that my goal was to work in the San Francisco office. The feedback was that it could take approximately 2-3 years depending on my performance so when I started in Stuttgart as a recruiter I worked to the best of my ability and got promoted pretty quickly to lead the resourcing team there. My tasks included interviewing potential new starters, hiring new employees, training new employees and mentoring others.

After 2 years, Shehzad Tabassum, who runs K2 in Europe, asked me to help bring a bit more structure on the resource team in Frankfurt which I accepted. I then spent 7 months with K2 in Frankfurt doing what I had already been doing in the Stuttgart office. Afterwards, the real part of journey began – finally getting to San Francisco! The transition so far has been pretty smooth, I was able to deliver straight away and the team here has been really friendly and supportive.

Of course, I do miss home sometimes as I am originally from Turkey and have a lot of friends and family there. I definitely miss good home-cooked traditional turkish food!

My advice for people looking to work in another global office would be that the key is to set your own high expectations, adjust to the environment and liaise with seniors to find out what is special about the office, area and city. In terms of career advice, it would always be the sentence ‘create and embrace change’ and do your best to listen and learn as much as you can.


christian-dengiz Christian Dengiz, is a recruiter now based in our San Francisco office.





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