I recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary with K2.  When I started at the company I was a Level 2 Associate Resourcer at the Mexico office now I am a K2 Konnect Project Manager in London. During my time in Mexico I gained a wide range of skills from salary negotiating skills and the ability to find good natural talent to gaining local market and ERP recruitment knowledge.

Now I work in the K2 Konnect team in London looking after the spanish speaking regions. Some of you may or may not already know about K2 Konnect – it’s K2’s own social platform that we have set up solely for use by consultants working with K2. When a Consultant starts working with K2 they can login and manage the admin associated with their projects such as timesheets, expenses and they can also socialise with other consultants in their region, share knowledge and help each other on technical issues.  My main responsibilities now are to oversee the management of the K2 Konnect platform, organise consultant training programmes, conduct surveys, implement the change management for the SSL region and carry out quality checks.




I found out about the K2 Foreign Exchange Program which allows employees to move between offices so I applied to come and work in London. The culture here is definitely very different and I am learning a lot of new things.  Before London I’d lived in Mexico city my whole life. Mexican’s generally have larger, closer knit families and things will be done when they’re done, no worries! The time difference of 5 hours from my family can be hard and I do miss mexican food a lot but London is great in that you can get almost any type of food here and I am challenging myself in a different climate and culture.




These are some of the highlights and realisations from my experience so far in London:

  1. Being invited to join the K2 Konnect Project.
  2. Getting an opportunity to live and work abroad.
  3. Learning about new technology trends such as Internet of the Things, Cyber Security, etc..
  4. Understanding the change management involved in a Global Project.
  5. Loving fall (autumn), the River Thames, Big Ben although I’m not looking forward to Winter!
  6. Life is a little expensive here but I’m getting used to it.
  7. Learning more about social media and social selling techniques.
  8. London is the perfect place to start in an artistic world through all the museums, most of them free.
  9. Developing my language skills and working with a multicultural team
  10. London is heaven for boozers!

As I continue in my role as a K2 Konnect Project Manager it takes honesty, courage, determination, self-belief, technical skills and an unwavering focus, I thank K2 so much for their kindness, support and training.


marissa-rico Marissa Rico is a K2 Konnect Project Manager at K2







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