I recently had the opportunity to work out of K2’s San Francisco office for one week as part of my winning an internal competition for the most cross-region candidate placements. Having initially started out at K2’s Madrid office as a Junior Recruiter, I had very limited IT and recruitment knowledge, but with K2’s support, I was able to expand my knowledge and network of IT freelance consultants and customers in the Salesforce and Cloud space.


K2’s San Francisco office


Working in the K2 San Francisco office for a whole week was an exciting and unforgettable experience! I had the opportunity to work in a different working environment and culture, meet different colleagues and exchange knowledge with them. At that time, the office had three new starters, so I provided some standard K2 training on our recruitment processes. This was actually one of the most exciting moments of my stay there, as I really enjoy training people. For the past year at the K2 Madrid office, I’ve been heavily involved in mentoring junior recruiters, and it really makes me happy seeing them learn and progress in their careers.


Monika (far front right) with colleagues in San Francisco


Ocean Beach, San Francisco


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Whilst in the city, I also took the opportunity to explore a place I had never been to before, visiting local restaurants and the famous landmarks and generally enjoying being in one of the most famous and energetic cities in America.

Throughout my three years at K2, I have met people across many cultures, collaborating with different people all over the world and learning their different styles of working, even making new friends.  I look forward to the next adventure and highly recommended all my colleagues to take advantage and really enjoy the opportunities K2 has to offer.



Monika Prodanova is a Salesforce recruiter based at K2’s Madrid office.






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