The K2 Incentive Trip is back and better than ever!

Each year, we recognize exceptional K2 talent. We host a yearly trip of a lifetime for our top-performing employees and members of our freelance technology consultant community, K2 Konnect. After their hard work throughout the year, this is an opportunity for us to honor their successes and commitment. 

The last Incentive Trip took place in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022 though, it’s now safe for us to travel and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. 

By the end of April 2022, the people in all our sales teams with the highest number of deals were already signed up for the trip. There were still plenty of places up for grabs, which meant that K2 enjoyed an exciting Draw Day on 28th April! 

Taking place in our London headquarters, K2 people from all around the world tuned in to find out if they were going to be awarded a seat on the plane. With the help of a spinning wheel, the top performers of our Shared Services and K2 University teams were selected in an exciting draw. There was also a lottery for our Contract and Perm teams.

This means 47 lucky people in total will be experiencing an unmissable trip to sunny Croatia in 2022! The winners come from all parts of the business and all around the world, from Brazil and Mexico to Tokyo and Beijing, from Sales and Recruitment to HR and IT. They reflect every part of our business.

The Incentive Trip is not only an opportunity for our top performers to unwind, but to forge even stronger connections with their colleagues. We’re a global company with 25 locations all over the world. The Incentive Trip allows people to finally meet some of the colleagues they speak to on a computer screen every day.

Now that we’re on a roll, we’ve started thinking about the next Incentive Trip in 2023. K2’s people are the ones who decide where they’re going. Will it be Barbados, Costa Rica or Chile? We can’t wait to find out. 

The last Incentive Trip took place on the idyllic Caribbean island of Roatán. Read more: #WeAreK2

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