At K2, our company culture is one of our most valued assets. In a recent video K2 CEO, Antonio Gulino, gives an insight into the mission, vision and values that make us who we are.

So why is a positive culture so important to an organisation’s success? It’s one of the best ways to ensure employee engagement, motivation and enthusiasm. Having a ‘people first’ approach to our culture helps us to build relationships with every person involved with K2, whether they are an employee, a shareholder, a business associates or a supplier. It’s a central aspect of our values and something that is highlighted by Antonio in the ‘Mission, Vision and Values’ video.



As the technology sector quickly changes, companies like K2 have to make sure their colleagues, clients and business associates can work together to evolve and adapt fast. This helps us achieve our goal of ‘being the best by working with the best’.

Collaboration within K2 is greatly important to our culture. Team spirit leads our people to not only succeed personally, but to celebrate each group achievement throughout the organisation. We’re proud that our teams all around the world can work together to produce creative and innovative solutions for each and every K2 customer.

This approach is highlighted with our recent office moves. Each new office has been chosen with our culture in mind. They’re not only stylish, but they are arranged and furnished with collaboration and informality in mind, helping teams to share ideas and build relationships.

Our culture isn’t solely about the company benefits, the leadership style, or the office furniture – it’s all those things combined and more. For K2, our culture is about encouraging each employee to have a voice and giving them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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