At K2 we are proud of our “Boomerang Club” – former employees who left to work elsewhere and then decided to come back to us. Across all of our offices, there are professionals who worked with us and made a positive impact on our company who reached a point in their career when they decided to try something different. After they gained experience and acquired more skills, many of these individuals reflected on their time spent at K2 and made a decision to return.

In previous blogs, we looked at some of our teams across the globe, our company culture and the things that make us unique. For example, take a look at how each of our offices celebrated our inaugural Culture Day 2019, which was so successful that it will now be an annual celebration.

A common theme is that we are a business that values its employees, nurtures their development and encourages collaboration. This is perfectly demonstrated by the Boomerang Club.

We asked some members of the Club to talk to us about their reasons for returning to K2, and their learning experiences:

Bill MoriartyBill Moriarty, US

While my experience outside of K2 was fine, it certainly felt like something was missing.

The thing that drew me back to K2 was knowing I controlled my own destiny.  While most firms promise to promote based on merit, K2 does that without question. You know exactly what you need to do to get promoted and everything is black and white.

My biggest learning experience is one that continues to this day: learning from other people’s styles. It truly shows that there are different approaches that work in this industry.  I try to take the best ideas from others, incorporate my own ideas and create a successful approach.

My best story without question has been the travel the job has provided me.  I’ve had the opportunity to support clients in France, Russia, Greece and London.  With K2 I’ve been able to travel to Germany, the U.K., Singapore, South Africa, Canada, France, Vietnam and Switzerland. Throughout these experiences, I’ve learned so much and met some incredibly influential people. I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience at K2 and the decision to return.

Renata WutkeRenata Wutke, Brazil

During my first tenure, K2 was smaller and the team structure was different. We were all very close and collaborative. The second time around I encountered a larger company, matured and with an incredible team that didn’t lose the spirit of collaboration.

The autonomy, openness and transparency of my leaders, and the career opportunities provided alongside the challenges are what led me to come back and continue developing. Having clear objectives and being recognized when achieving them is fundamental.

Camilla SwanCamilla Swan, Germany

I wasn’t gone for that long but while I was working elsewhere, at another global company, I really missed the ‘family feeling’ at K2 and knowing all of our colleagues, regardless of level, location or role. At my previous employer I was at I barely knew anyone outside of the department, let alone from any of the other offices. However, through leaving and coming back to K2, I have learned to look out for myself more and to have more of a voice for myself. I think the move away allowed me to ‘jump in at the deep end’ away from the familiarity of K2, which then gave me skills to build on when I did come back.

Fernanda PellegriniFernanda Pellegrini, UK

During the years that I worked at K2 I have been given a voice and the opportunity to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them.

Even during the time I was away I had a close relationship with my former colleagues and leaders and I never felt like I was ‘gone’. Coming back seemed like a natural step and the things I learned from the other companies where I was employed served to solidify the foundation I had acquired at K2. I trust my leaders and know they trust me. Ultimately, this is the reason why I came back.

K2’s nurturing and supportive culture gives its employees the skills they need to succeed in their career and gain the confidence to make big decisions. If a member of our team decides to try something new, they are always welcome to return to K2 and employ their unique skills and experience.

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