COVID-19 has forced businesses to rethink the way they operate. Remote work and socializing have become the ‘new normal’ in 2020. K2’s culture promotes collaboration and team building, which means we have found several ways to make sure that our employees continue to feel connected throughout this period of readjustment. 

As offices closed their doors, it was important to ensure that our teams continued to feel connected as they worked remotely. Communication was key. Various activities were executed to ensure this requirement was met, our very own CEO hosted question and answer sessions for each region of K2’s offices. They provided employees with updates about the business’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and contingency plans. The sessions provided transparency, openness and gave employees the opportunity to have their questions addressed to help ease any concerns.

Understanding how K2 staff were feeling about COVID-19 was vital to ensure the right support was offered to them. Regional business leaders conducted surveys to gather feedback about the mindset of their teams. The results were overall very positive and any recurring points were addressed. For example, many employees in Brazil reported that they were having to work for long periods of time without suitable seating. To support their associates, the São Paulo team provided chairs from the office to team members so that they could work more comfortably from their homes.

It was important that support was offered to help staff achieve their usual objectives and not miss interaction they would normally enjoy on an average day in the office. Several initiatives were put in place to promote this, such as weekly virtual catch-ups over lunchtime. There are also several people at K2 who worked remotely prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. These employees were on hand to help provide tips and support to their colleagues who were not used to working from home.

Adapting to remote operations also applied to the social aspect of our organization. Every month, each K2 office holds an event where the business’s performance, important updates are announced and individual/team achievements celebrated. They also serve as an opportunity to unwind and have fun together with food, drinks and games. To make sure our employees didn’t miss out on this regular activity, the monthly events were adapted to a virtual format.

Remote work and closed schools have meant that parents have had to juggle taking care of their children and keeping on top of their professional life simultaneously. To help keep the children of K2 parents busy, team members from each region took the time to host family-friendly virtual short workshops. These ranged from teaching children different languages to making model aeroplanes and baking. The sessions supported K2 parents by keeping their children entertained and active, as well as helping them learn some new skills outside of the classroom.

With these schemes, K2 has made sure that each of our employees has the support and resources they need to thrive remotely. Communication, flexibility and adaptability were key to making sure that our teams could work effectively and still feel connected to each other in these challenging times.

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