In early 2019 K2’s top booker of all time had his 15 year anniversary. We sat down with Joe DiMuccio, Director of Business Development, over in Providence, to hear about his motivations, the industry, and his tips for those starting out.

How did you start out at K2?

I remember when the founder of K2, James McHugh, first visited us in Providence when K2  acquired Jotorok Group, the company I had been working at. He wanted to expand K2’s presence in the US market. I had been working in the recruitment industry for 7 years previously. Since then I’ve watched as the Providence office has evolved into the heart of our US operations and as K2 opened offices in San Francisco, Boston and most recently Dallas. I focus on building relationships with clients and meeting their desired goals.

Over the past 15 years, how have you seen the industry change?

Well, the tech has certainly changed! Communication has become more convenient in how instantaneous it is, mobile phones have made things much easier. I know this may sound crazy but when I started in recruitment we used fax machines to send resumes to clients.

Ultimately, I think that the recruitment industry is still based around it’s founding principle, relationships between people, and that is unlikely to change. As smart as artificial intelligence is, I believe it will always lack the human touch. An AI certainly won’t be taking a client out for dinner!

What motivates you day-to-day?

I have always been very competitive. I like to compete with our competitors and most importantly, myself. When I finish something, I don’t sit back, I think to myself “How can I do even better next time?” You need to have a healthy competitive spirit, if you aren’t interested in bettering yourself, then why bother?

Is there anything you would not have experienced if you weren’t working for K2?

I would have never travelled the world the way K2 has allowed me to. I have definitely had some adventures with K2!

  • Attending the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • The 2016 World Cup in Brazil
  • The cricket world cup in Antigua
  • Going on safari in South Africa
  • White water rafting in Canada
  • Relaxing on a private boat in Mykonos
  • Vietnam Airport for a few minutes (before being deported- long story)

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work?

Most importantly I like to spend time with my family. My wife and I are blessed with three boys ages 19 and twin 17-year-olds, and we enjoy watching them become better athletes and students than I ever was.

I’m also a huge sports fan, particularly ice hockey (Boston Bruins) and American football (New England Patriots).

And finally, for anyone new to K2, what advice would you give them?

I like to compare a career in recruitment to an airplane taking off. To get off the ground you need a lot of thrust and drive, it’s tough to start out. But once you build up that network of contacts and get that confidence just to pick up the phone you start flying!

Make sure to spend time with your contacts, I especially like going out for dinner with them. Just chatting about day-to-day things goes a long way to show that you are interested in their concerns. Being humble and honest is hugely important if I don’t have any progress for them, I tell them. People appreciate the fact that you are not going to waste their time sending them paper and respect you for being truthful. A relationship can only truly develop if they like what you stand for.  

If you follow these principles then people will always come to you first for their needs. I always say that the consultants you talk to today could be the CTO of tomorrow. Ultimately, never give up, make time and speak to everyone. Understand that you will be successful, you just need to keep pushing.

Never give up!


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