Many companies that begin to a new SAP solution do so in order to increase their performance. But research suggests that some companies don’t invest enough into staff training to realise its full potential.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) surveyed 950 organizations worldwide, to find out if a company’s performance positively correlates with the level of training given to staff.

The study found that when embarking on a new SAP project, the poorest performing quartile of the 950 companies had an average increase of 5.8% in their performance indicators whereas the best performing quartile increased their performance indicators by 51.1%.

It was found that the average training per staff member in the lowest quartile was 21.4 hours and in the top quartile 32.2 hours. A consultant who is carrying out a SAP project needs on average 50 hours of training to contribute in the best way to the company’s success. The training will help to document stakeholder requirements, overcome obstacles more efficiently and offer support throughout the project life-cycle.

Ultimately, a well-trained consultant needs 10% less deployment time for the project and by passing a better working solution to the administrators and end-users of the company, increasing overall project satisfaction by 9%.

Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President for IDC, points out that training needs to be focused and with specific learning objectives. Programmes like SAP Learning Hub, provide the perfect structure for staff learning and development, by being both comprehensive and flexible.

K2 University offers a comprehensive range of training solutions to companies and our freelance consultant community.

Maximilian Zachow, K2 University Associate based at K2 Partnering Solutions in Madrid.




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