Technology is continuously evolving and people are innovating new ways to develop products. From small entrepreneurs to large corporations, teams are finding the best ways to test and validate a business model without the risky consequences. Constructing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), for example, has become a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. The MVP can help the product team receive user feedback immediately to better improve the product. The best way to do this, where you’re not putting too much on the line for expertise and insight, is via a nearshore partner.

What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product allows a team to collect the greatest amount of validated learning about customers with the least amount of effort. The MVP collects information that will inform your team whether a customer will actually proceed with purchasing your product. It can be described as a mini starter project without fully developing the product. You can offer this starter product or service to customers and observe their actual buying behavior. 

This allows a team to actually see results, and not just trust results by asking customers if they would purchase. MVP development is beneficial to your business because you will get vital information regarding your customers’ interest in your product. You may be spending too much money and effort developing a fully functional product that may not even succeed in the market. Consider partnering with a nearshore company that will create an MVP to help you save money and make your business more efficient and effective. 

What is Nearshoring?

It’s no secret that the best software engineers are located all over the world. This makes it a lot harder to find, hire, and maintain the best IT professional team. Companies of all sizes and many different industries face these same problems. Nearshoring resolves this issue. When a company utilizes a nearshore software development organization, they outsource internal work to a professional IT team that may share similar time zones to stay efficient. 

Be sure to not confuse nearshoring with onshore and offshore software development companies. Onshore outsourcing is exactly how it sounds; clients hire software developers in their own country or same territory. Offshore outsourcing is hiring software developers in distant countries. The advantage of software development is there is no need anymore for an in-house team. You can find your ideal dedicated expert IT team by choosing to outsource. 

What makes nearshoring different from the other two is its use of Dev Centers. A Nearshore Development Center is a devoted technology team that shares similar time zones with your company. Dev centers take the best aspects of Onshore and Offshore software development by providing you with expert software engineers for a very cost-effective price. Nearshoring also extends their hours to 24/7, meaning you have IT help whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Benefits of Nearshoring Your MVP Development

Nearshoring can be utilized to help your business achieve the best results in MVP development for B2B. There are many benefits to investing in outsourcing for your right fit nearshore partner. If you choose to nearshore you will have access to superior IT talent, industry experts, optimizing workloads, minimizing risks, a rapid product launch, and cost-efficiency. 

Access to Superior IT Talent

A nearshore development company will present options for the best IT talent that can be utilized for your team. You have access to top talent located across the entire globe, because of nearshoring establishing Dev Centers. Nearshore outsourcing your MVP gives you the flexibility in choosing your perfect fit team. You are no longer forced to compromise on skilled IT talent due to geographic barriers. It’s important to find the best nearshore partner for your project and team. 

Access to Industry Experts

It should be your responsibility as a business owner to provide your company with the best experts to build your perfect software development team. Your business comes first, and instead of investing in a generic substitute, you deserve the best of the best. An experienced IT professional provides your team with years of knowledge and foresight into best practices. They know what projects have worked and they give expert advice by guiding your company in the right direction to help achieve its goals. A nearshore partner has the expert industry knowledge of helping construct the best MVP for your company. 

Optimizing Workloads

It takes a lot of effort, time, and money to develop superior MVP software. A nearshoring company will help with the development of the MVP software by driving down costs, saving you crucial time, and extraneous efforts that you no longer need to worry about. With their help, you can now focus on the core of your business by maximizing your time and resources. A nearshore partner can handle all of your requirements without adding to your workload. 

Minimizing Risks

MVP projects always present high risks to your business. Investing in a nearshore outsourcing company drastically reduces those risks. A nearshore partner always prioritizes its relationship with your company by implementing the best practices to minimize all risks associated with MVP development.  The team you’ve added into your fold, will increase efficiency and maximize flexibility all while reducing risks. 

Rapid Product Launch

It may take time to get your product on the market, and without the proper expert help, there is a potential that you might not be using your time and money effectively. All of your hopes for a successful product launch could become a complete failure if it takes too long to get your product out there. A nearshore development company has all the tools and solutions for a successful product launch because chances are, they’ve done it many times before. It is their duty to guarantee your MVP project is completed within budget and on an exact schedule. 

Cost Efficiency

A nearshore outsourcing company is highly cost-effective. They alleviate the pain that every company has to deal with the endless hours of sourcing, interviewing, and training future team members. By allowing a nearshore company to focus on this aspect of your business, you will save money from added labor costs like office supply maintenance, insurance, and benefits. Your business can focus more on the MVP and have the ability to invest more money to get started. 

Finding The Right Nearshore Partner to Help You Out – K2 Partnering Solutions

Nearshoring is the key to the effective development of products, especially with the common practice of developing a Minimum Viable Product and subsequent product launch. The benefits stated above are an excellent guide to help you to decide when investing in a nearshore partner. As well, the right partner can offer you a robust list of references, completion times of past projects, and the relationships they establish with their customers as proof of performance, so you know exactly what fruits your partnership will offer. One such nearshore partner, with an exemplary track record, is K2 Partnering Solutions

As indicated above, nearshore outsourcing helps companies of all sizes produce high-quality products. With K2,  your company would have access to leading IT talent located across five continents.  We offer a global reach, with a local feel, and have a roster of superior industry experts and IT talent. Whether you’re looking at software development, application integration, migration projects, or any sort of customization product, we can optimize your business workload all while minimizing risks. We are willing to shoulder the load and take some of the responsibility and weight off of your shoulders, so you can focus on your core business. 

It is our goal to help facilitate a rapid and successful launch for development projects, and we offer the best ROI because we place verified enterprise software professionals through their own unique quality management system R.E.Q. (Relationship, Expertise, and Quality), so you’re getting the right experts for your project.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your success.

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