LaptopFilled with the latest innovations in technology and digital trends, as well as the latest K2 news, technology updates, including from SAP and Salesforce, career advice and more, our selection of blogs is the first place to look for to keep up to date with our technology ecosystem.

As the year comes to an end,  we thought we’d round up five of our most popular blogs of 2019!

K2’s Women in Leadership: Tricia Bielinski

This was an interview with our Global Director of HR, Tricia Bielinski. It was one of a series of blogs showcasing a selection of K2’s women in leadership to mark International Women’s Day on 8th March 2019. 

Tricia discussed her 15-year long career at K2, including her time spent at K2 Japan as well as North America. She offered advice on how to succeed as a woman in the workplace, with emphasis on the importance of self-learning and self-assurance.

K2 Konnect to Join the SAP® Fieldglass® Digital Partner Network

The next blog covered our online talent community platform, K2 Konnect, joining the Digital Partner Network for SAP Fieldglass Solutions. This partnership helps companies find and manage their contingent workers more easily.

Celebrating 15 years with K2 – Joe DiMuccio

This blog focused on K2’s top booker of all time, Joe DiMuccio (Director of Business Development)! In March 2019 he celebrated his 15th year at K2. 

Joe gave us an interview, reflecting upon how the staffing industry has changed over the years and what motivates him on a daily basis.

Industry Insights: How IoT Devices Support Care in the Community

The fifth most popular blog from 2019 was part of a series that highlighted the companies in several sectors that are embracing digital transformation. 

This blog’s focus was on CareZapp, a leading provider of technical solutions in the healthcare sector. We spoke to Anna Browne, the company’s Customer Success Manager. She discussed their use of Internet of Things enabled solutions to support families in caring for their relatives.

K2’s Women in Leadership: Fernanda Pellegrini

Our Global Director of Talent Acquisition, Fernanda Pellegrini, was also featured in our Women in Leadership blog series. This blog was the second most popular of 2019.

As in Tricia’s interview, Fernanda offered valuable advice about professional development and successful leadership. She emphasised the importance of following your passions and being focussed and pragmatic to achieve goals.

Salesforce Goes Green for Ireland

After Salesforce opened its new tower in Dublin, this blog was published to showcase their new Irish base and the company’s local initiatives. 

The office is due to open in mid-2021. Its presence in the city will boost the local economy with increased employment opportunities. Salesforce will also be working with not-for-profit organisations and local community groups, as well as supporting local sustainability.

2019 was filled with insightful blogs that gave our readers a more in-depth view of K2’s culture and values, as well as fascinating insights into the fast-paced world of technology.

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