K2 Partnering Solutions recently had the opportunity to speak at the “I Meeting of The Senior Economy” to discuss the various aspects of the Senior Economy, a term used to define all the economic opportunities related to the population over 50. Spanish associations such as the Senior Economy Forum, IE Business School and Caixa Bank invited a number of industry leaders to discuss topics including the socio-cultural characteristics of Spain (the ageing population, the crisis of the pension system in Southern Europe) and the latest workforce trends.

The European Commission’s Silver Economy (another phrase to refer to the senior economy) report estimates that the aggregate purchasing power of Europeans over the age of 50 is already the third-largest in the world. According to the European Commission stats, in the last 10 years, the senior population in Spain increased by 19.8%, which also highlights the expansion of this segment of the population.

In a talk titled “Demographic Dividend: How to give it value?”, moderated by José Manuel de Riva, Giovanni Palmieri, Sales Director of K2 Spain, elaborated on the theme of the Silver Economy. In this current scenario, there is a new senior profile who are active, independent, willing to travel and knowledgeable about technology.

Giovanni highlighted 5 ways in which K2 is working with senior consultants:

  1. Education and skills recycling: through the work of K2 University, we are training IT professionals to fill talent gaps in the market. Our education initiative aims to help professionals maintain their skills hence allowing a continuous “recycling” of their knowledge and expertise.
  2. The Gig economy: this is a new sector of the economy that consists of part-time workers, independent contractors, freelance workers, seasonal employees, and other lines of temporary work. Organizations increasingly rely on this contingent workforce, providing a vast range of work opportunities for the senior consultants.
  3. Tailored training: to help senior talent deal with digital and technological transformation, it’s essential to provide training. New emerging technologies are set to disrupt the current workforce, therefore it’s vital for the senior consultants to keep up to date with the latest tech trends.
  4. Networking: It’s important to connect and network with other professionals with similar skills and expertise to share knowledge and learn from one another. K2 offers a unique digital platform to its consultants, K2 Konnect, allowing them to build stronger relationships with other IT professionals.
  5. Invest in your own growth: consultants need to continuously level up their skills. With regular training, IT professionals will have a desirable set of skills that enable them to respond to the market requirements.

In conclusion of the meeting, Benigno Lacort, president of the Senior Economy Forum, thanked all the participants for sharing their business strategies aimed to create an ad hoc model for the senior economy based on digital innovation and transformation. We were honoured to have participated in this meeting and are planning to work on initiatives with the Spanish Government and AMETIC, a Spanish technology association, to keep reskilling and connecting talent with leading employers.


Ilaria Bommarito, Marketing Executive based at K2 Partnering Solutions HQ in London.


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