K2 Partnering Solutions had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of attracting millennials, an increasingly digital workforce and the gig economy at a recent conference hosted by AMETIC. The Spanish technology association invited a variety of industry leaders to talk about topics including the shortage of digital talent and digital transformation.

In a talk titled “The Challenge of the Digital Talent”, moderated by the Secretary of State Fernando Gurrea, Giovanni Palmieri, Sales Director of K2 Spain, spoke about the work of K2 University. Through K2 University we are training thousands of professionals and students to fill talent gaps in the market.

Giovanni went on to identify four major disruptors of the traditional work environment:

  1. Millennials: will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 and 75% by 2025, their preferences for flexible working and moving from job to job will alter traditional work environments.
  2. Technology: Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the way we work, significantly reducing the amount of time to complete tasks.
  3. Digital workforce: Competition for talent is no longer restricted to specific locations as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and remote working become more common.
  4. The Gig Economy: A new working model where organizations increasingly rely on a contingent workforce to provide skills on-demand. Freelancers are hired for specific projects and allow companies to reduce fixed employment costs.

Giovanni also highlighted recent research that found that workers who choose to freelance have higher job satisfaction than traditional full-time employees. According to the data, some three million Spanish workers currently class themselves as self-employed.

Giovanni also talked about K2 Konnect, K2’s digital platform for technology talent and K2 University students. The K2 Konnect app, unique in technology staffing, connects consultants all over the world, helping us to build stronger relationships with the professionals we work with.  

We are honoured to have sponsored this prestigious event about technologies and digital transformation. Our consultative and educational approach to IT, matched with constant passion and dedication, can help in facing the challenge of digital talent.

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