The use of video interviewing has been increasing in recent years as more companies embrace remote workers. But now, in the mids of the global COVID-19 outbreak, it has become an essential tool for companies that need to keep hiring to meet their talent demands. So when you are invited for an interview, even in this time of social distancing, you still get the opportunity to properly evidence your skills and your winning personality.

So whether you are comfortable behind the screen or not, here are a few tips to help you succeed and excel in a video interview:

  • Dress the part. Even if the interviewer can’t see you from head to toe, you need to get in the right headspace – and donning joggers below your smart shirt just isn’t going to cut it. Dress like you would for the real, face-to-face deal. You’ll shine as a pro.
  • Create a professional set up. You might not be in an office, but you want to set a professional tone. Make sure the background to your video interview is clear and free of mess; put your phone on silent; banish pets out of earshot; go in a quiet room and close any tabs on your computer/laptop that might distract you. You want to be paying close attention, and listening attentively.
  • Focus on body language. Your interviewer will be able to read a lot from how you hold yourself. Keep your posture straight, focus on your interviewer, maintain good eye contact and smile; it’s fine to glance at your notes on occasion (you could even put a couple of post-it notes around your screen), but you won’t make a great impression if you spend the interview slouching, gazing around the room, or losing focus.
  • Don’t skimp on your research. You need to treat a video interview like any other. Find out everything you can about the company (and industry) you want to work for; prepare for possible interview questions, and think of some questions that you’d like to put to them. Initiative goes a long way – so don’t be to passive.
  • Record; review; rewind. The beauty of a video interview is that you can essentially do it twice. Compile a list of mock questions and ask a friend/relative to put you through your paces, all while recording your efforts. When you’ve done, watch it back and make notes on your answers, body language, eye contact and overall performance.
  • Set up early! However much we love tech, it does have a tendency to fail at the most inconvenient moments. To make sure you’re not on the backfoot before your interview even starts, make sure everything works (including your camera, laptop, connection, webcam and link to the interview) rather than leaving it to the last minute. Its also useful to have a glass of water to hand.

If you need any more tips on your video interview, feel free to get in touch. We’ve got years of industry expertise, and we know what today’s employers are looking for from their new recruits.

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