K2 Partnering Solutions activities don’t stop with staffing and recruiting. We’ve just launched a  “K2 Leadership program” globally, with the aim of identifying and growing the next generation of leaders. We want to provide them with the fundamental skills needed to be a successful leader and help shape the company’s future and impact the development of other employees.

Participants can be nominated by their managers or they can apply to be part of the program once they’ve proven and established themselves as a successful associate in the business.

The K2 Leadership program focuses on six key areas, and modules include Coaching, Time Management and Performance Management. During the program and beyond, all participants are coached by the Learning and Development Department and their respective managers provide lots of valuable on the job feedback. The entire program is concluded by spending a week in another office. This gives all participants the chance of networking and working alongside a different manager, whilst applying their new skills in a less familiar environment. Our future leaders are exposed to all facets of the business, including sales strategies, office operations, talent acquisition, compliance, finance and marketing.

We would like to congratulate Naomi Colnaghi for being the first employee in Europe to complete the K2 Leadership program successfully. Well done, Naomi!
In her new role, Lead Technical Recruiter, she manages three Technical Recruiters on a daily basis. The plan for Naomi is to take on more responsibilities. We will support Naomi to grow into a purely managerial role and continue to develop her skills.

Naomi is thrilled on her accomplishment and comments: “Spending a week in the Geneva office with the team was one of the most exciting moments of this whole program. The visit gave me many new tools that I can use in my daily activities to guide my mentees and focus on my own delivery too. During the program, I was lucky enough to converse with many colleagues from our other European offices. All of them taught me something new that I can apply in my day to day role.”

When we asked Naomi what was her main takeaway from the course, she replied: “Every single associate is different, based on their background, personality, and motivations. It is crucial for a mentor to understand what makes people give their best. Adjusting the management style to the need of the associates is highly important, but this should never affect the integrity and the personality of the mentor.”

Congratulations on your achievement Naomi!

If you would like to find out more about this program and our career opportunities, contact our Talent Acquisition team Careers@K2partnering.com or check our website https://k2partnering.com/careers-k2/

 Naomi Colnaghi is a Lead Technical Recruiter in Frankfurt, Germany

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