How Being Salesforce Certified Can Help to Transform Your Career

25th September 2019

12-1pm EST

Salesforce is the #1 implemented CRM system and is one of the leading Cloud solutions on the market today. 3.3 million new jobs are expected to be added to the Salesforce space by 2022, meaning a huge increase in exciting clients, projects and daily rates.

In this webinar, you will learn how having a Salesforce certification can increase your earnings and open the doors to many more career opportunities. You will also get an exclusive demonstration of K2 University’s official Salesforce online courses with one of our certified Salesforce instructors. Our instructor, Luca Manera, will also share his background and his perspective of the Salesforce ecosystem.

What’s on the agenda:
– Current and future market insights
– Skills that are in high demand
– Where to get started
– Inside look at an official Salesforce course

Hosted by:
Elisabeth Kindeland, Team Manager
Luca Manera, Salesforce Certified Instructor


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