BalloonsCreating a positive culture in our offices is vital. We believe in enabling our employees to develop both professionally and personally so they thrive as individuals and team members. The result is a dedicated workforce, proudly representing K2 in exchange for fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Each year brings a new group of employees who have reached significant milestones. We like to celebrate their work anniversaries and achievements by presenting them with a gift in appreciation of their hard work and dedication to K2.

Here are a few words from superstars who reached their fifth, tenth or fifteenth K2 anniversary in 2019:

15 Years

Sofia Dias Warburton – Practice Leader (Legal and Compliance), London:

“It’s rare for someone to remain in one company for so many years and still enjoy their work. My years at K2 have been incredible. Challenges have been my forte during the entire fifteenth years, delivering business transformation, change management and systems implementation solutions, to name a few. Reaching my fifteenth year at K2 is a huge milestone, not only for myself but I hope it demonstrates what women can achieve within this company.”

10 Years

Carol Hosokura – Sales Associate, Tokyo:

“I’ve stayed in one company, but I certainly haven’t stood still. K2 taught me to be flexible, adaptable and innovative. Everything’s here, evolving ahead of the market. I wouldn’t want to do this anywhere else. Thank you for the opportunities, guidance, and relationships. I’m honoured and proud to be a part of this global team for ten years and more.”

5 Years

Jacintha Plantenberg – Compliance Manager, Singapore:

“I am filled with a great sense of gratitude and pride to reach my fifth year anniversary with K2. Hopefully, in the next five years, I will be able to provide support surrounding more complex workforce management solutions and other K2 initiatives.”

Navreet Toor – Executive Assistant, Global:

“I’m proud that I made it to my fifth anniversary at K2, shocked at how quickly time has passed and excited to continue working within such a great organisation. It’s really difficult in today’s world to find a company that provides job satisfaction for more reasons than the salary. At K2 I quickly learned that hard work is acknowledged, your dedication and loyalty are highly valued and personal growth is forever encouraged.” 

Fernanda Pellegrini – Global Director of Talent Acquisition, London:

“I love the everyday challenges and the changing nature of the business at K2. It’s a company that doesn’t allow you to get complacent with your work or simply settle for the status quo. I know I’ll be able to look back and be proud of the legacy and the tremendous amount of work that we all have done over the years.”

Bertrand Astin – Sales Associate, London:

“What has kept me at K2 is the faith my management has had in me. K2 also fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. When I have had ideas or strategies, K2 management has backed me. This has helped me in achieving my goals but also given me great job satisfaction.”

Momo’s Work Anniversary Speech

Momo Yamada – Director of Learning and Development (Asia), Tokyo:

“I am extremely happy that I had an opportunity to work at K2 for so many years! I’ve been able to learn different skills and grow personally and professionally because of the people I’ve worked with at K2. My managers have always supported me in this.”

Enrique Landaeta – K2 Konnect Support Engineer, Madrid:

“K2 has given me opportunities that have meant it’s been a pleasure to stay here for the last five years. I’ve been able to work in different countries during these years (Buenos Aires, Nice, São Paulo, London, Madrid). This has given me an unmissable opportunity to learn about different cultures and new languages.”

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